“The Secret Life of Numbers. Numerical Narratives and the Humanities”

Tema de Roberto Simanowski (City University of Hong Kong) para a Mesa 6 – Algoritmos e Big Data: Violência e Controle na Sociedade Tecnológica. 6 de agosto, das 16h às 18h30.

The secret life of objects stops once they become part of a narrative. When ‘raw data’ are processed as information, when the given is taken, objects turn into elements of subjective activities. This is true for historical events as well as biographical affairs. It is true even for numbers if ranked according to their popularity on the Internet, as in Golan Levin’s artwork The secret lives of numbers (2002). The equivalent to such narration of numbers are numerical narratives automatically generated by the findings in distant reading. Materiality before theory; the promise of revealing the real, secret being of things without the distortion by a human point of view. The answer of Big Data to Kant’s correlationism and Lyotard’s end of Grand Narratives? The paper exemplifies the shift from narration to numbers with respect to social networks and discusses this positivistic turn in the context of contemporary culture and trends in the humanities.

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